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World's 1st climate positive mortgage

This is how we do it…

climate positive mortgage

We are powered by passionate and positive entrepreneurial investors.

climate positive mortgage

Lending to driven entrepreneurial clients seeking ethical short-term property finance.

climate positive mortgage

We calculate the estimated carbon footprint of the property for the entire life of our loan.

climate positive mortgage

We lend money for between 6 and 18 months and commence the loan.

climate positive mortgage

We partner with amazing and accredited eco projects around the world, removing the equivalent amount of Carbon from the atmosphere, offsetting the C02 emissions of the properties we have lent against for the LIFE of the loan, making the loan Carbon Neutral.

climate positive mortgage

We plant trees via certificated projects around the world, which over their lifetime will remove the same amount of C02 meaning we are removing twice the amount of C02 from the atmosphere than our clients emit making us Climate Positive.

We invest in Scottish Rewilding projects and local nature projects to create a positive impact across Scotland and areas local to our involvement.

climate positive mortgage

We create a healthier better thriving world.

climate positive mortgage

Soho Green = Win for Investors, Win for Entrepreneurial borrowers and Win for the Environment.

Changing the financial universe.

Soho Green is the world’s first climate positive mortgage company.

We are an exclusive group of like-minded private investors, who source property backed scenarios across the UK where clients seek fast funding.  We provide short term climate positive loans.

Soho Green use an innovative Protected Cell Company structure.  Each cell is created either to offer a specific bridging loan opportunity or alternatively the cell will be created to offer a group of bridging loans.  Each cell can be tailored to each investor’s specific requirements.  The loans are typically on a first legal charge basis for periods of up to 364 days, secured against UK property assets.

We are committed to only providing climate positive loans.  We have already removed the equivalent amount of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere to offset all our operational emissions from 2019 to 2022. We also remove the equivalent amount of CO2 to offset all emissions related to our loans.  On top of that, we have also committed to planting thousands of trees to remove the same amount of CO2 in future years.  Every loan that we provide is truly Climate Positive!

Through our Investment Management Partner – Soho AM, we have access to an introducer network built up over many years who supply deal flow.  We have a comprehensive in-house diligence process to provide information to support decision-making and cell criteria, maximising investor returns.

Our Professional team manage the whole structure from start to finish.

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Recent Wins ...

We have provided successful funding/bespoke solutions for numerous portfolios across multiple environments.  Think of us as the ‘hot house’.  Our entrepreneurs use our funding to buy and grow their assets, before exiting to term debt with mainstream and institutional lenders.

Insh Island purchase article

Our client purchased with our funding this island off the West Coast of Scotland.  With a vision for the Island to be an eco retreat

Funding for apartments Scotland

Carnegie Apartments

The holiday home for the world’s richest man Andrew Carnegie, our entrepreneur backed by us bought the property and made it into a stunning series

development loan

Lanarkshire Village

A site in a former mining area needed a new vision.  Our entrepreneur with our investment acquired the site and is currently in the process