The Soho Green Nature Fund

Investing in climate positivity ...

Here at Soho Green, nature is at the heart of what we do.  We are passionate about making the wider world and our local communities a better place and we have developed a unique combination of supporting Global, National and Local projects to deliver this vision.

Core Partners & Annual Sponsorships

Our Projects

International Projects...

Mangrove Planting, Maroalika

Peatland Protection, Rimba Raya

Amazon Rainforest Protection, Madre de Dios

Tropical Forest Protection, Mai Ndombe

Aviva Community Fund Donations...
We’re delighted to support Aviva’s Community Fund nature based projects in which our donations are matched by Aviva, thus making our donations go even further for the good of the planet. Below are some of the projects that we have supported.

Giving bees a home with Green roof and bee houses

Peace Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland

Help the Sparrow thrive in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Kids to Nature in Newry, Northern Ireland

Royston Community Gardening Programme in Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland’s Wildlife Comeback

We believe that being in business carries a responsibility and we are committed to being at the forefront of finding ways  to make a positive impact on the climate and natural environment.
We are delighted therefore, to support SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a charity that drives the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding, in response to the growing climate and biodiversity crises.
We are one of the backers of their Northwoods Rewilding Fund, which means that money from Soho Green is invested into each and every one of their 50+ rewilding projects.
By expanding and restoring a rich tapestry of native woodlands, wetlands, wildflower meadows and grasslands, rewilding is an effective way of capturing carbon and returning wildlife to our landscapes. Rewilding also helps people by cleaning air and water, reducing the risk of flooding and drought, and providing space for outdoor learning and recreation.
We are proud to make an annual donation to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture to help lock away carbon, boost nature and build community value.  Further information can be found here.
Our Friends
Local Projects...

Isle of Man Home of Rest for Old Horses

Manx Wildlife Trust

Bee Hive Project – Perth & Kinross

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

What are they? 

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for COVID-19 recovery

How are we contributing?

When selecting which projects to support we ensure that we choose projects that collectively support all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  For more information please click here.

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We work with an established panel of high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors, financial institutions, private funds and hedge funds. We’re always keen to meet new investors who want to win with us.

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I love working with the Soho Green team.  To be part of a world changing funding platform from the get-go brings a smile to my day – oh and I love the returns!

John Simpson